Student Cookery Lessons....Brighton, Chichester, Surrey & Hampshire

We will give you the best start to your new student life by teaching you quick, simple, healthy and, most importantly, cheap meals to cook in your student digs. 

Worried about your children leaving the nest and going to university? This is a very exciting time for them and marks the next important stage in their lives, but we fully understand this can be quite worrying for parents who are concerned about their children not feeding or looking after themselves properly.   

Our student cookery lesson is designed specifically to meet the needs of students and covers the basic cooking skills they will require for survival in the kitchen, as well as shopping tips and how to organise themselves. It will help them to gain confidence in the kitchen and you can be assured that they will be eating properly and healthily. 

With Beurre Blanc Cookery School your child will be in good hands!  Whether they are off to university in Brighton, Chichester, Surrey or Hampshire, the lesson will be carried out in their student kitchen or another kitchen of their choice and we will start by taking them shopping and then we proceed onto explaining budgeting and how to balance cost and having a healthy diet.

We cover safe food storage and labelling, reducing food wastage and using leftovers, and kitchen hygiene together with lots of hands on cooking practice by making some simple recipes. 

We will also cover key skills as well as the planning, preparation and the cooking and presentation of various dishes, and all under the guidance of your very own professional and qualified chef.

All cookery lessons are provided for you at your convenience and within the student's home.   

We can cater for one-to-one tuition or we can offer small group lessons, It’s a great way to have fun whilst widening your culinary skills at the same time.  

By law we have to make you aware of Allergens within our dishes to provide cookery lessons, these are highlighted with a #  ( may Contain Allergens )

The Basics in Student Cookery Survival!

Within this lesson we will help them to cook the food they love eating, but in a healthy way and on a budget. Our aim is to give your son or daughter an insight into how easy it is to cook their favourite dishes and how to organise themselves within the kitchen.  We will also explain the different ways in which to use leftovers and to try to keep them away from junk food and takeaways!

We will start the lesson by going shopping at your local supermarket to purchase the food we need for the student cookery lesson. On our return, we will address basic knife skills by demonstrating how to chop a variety of vegetables and produce in a safe and professional manner. Then it’s their turn to have a go!  We will also talk about how to store knives correctly and safely. Using the ingredients we have purchased, we have created three dishes below which are popular with students or if there is something in particular that you would like to cook, please let us know as we would be delighted to help.


  • Tasty grilled chicken kebabs spiced with a little honey, soy sauce and chilli served with onion and sweet peppers in pita bread# with a low fat garlic mayonnaise # .
  • Healthy and delicious cheese burgers using high content beef mince. Served on a floured bap# with red onion, gherkin, Emmental cheese# and Beurre Blanc’s own burger relish. Tasty and very easy to make!   
  • Delicious and nutritious chicken curry madras served with steamed rice #  – a great one to reproduce for their house mates! 


◊ Price £100 per person ◊  There will be a supplement of £35 on all lessons for one-to-one tuition.  approx 6 hour lesson

◊ Price £80 per person ◊  There will be a supplement of £35 on all lessons for one-to-one tuition, choosing only two dishes and without the shopping trip. approx 4 hour lesson

(At the end of your lesson, you will be given the recipes for all the main dishes you have made)

- Our prices are inclusive of all ingredients -

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NOTE : All lessons will start with a health and safety briefing

What to do Next?

  • Tell us how many people are taking part in the lesson
  • Contact Us with all your details, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss arrangements
  • Book your lesson 
  • We will invoice you by e-mail
  • Make a payment as outlined in our Terms & Conditions   
  • Finally, you can then sit back and look forward to your fantastic lesson!


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